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New Moon - German Trailer


Wisst ihr noch mehr zitate dann schreibt mir einfach ins Book,und helft mir meine sammlung zu erweitern:

  • "I'm just a big, hard tool." - No Good TV
  • "I really don't like watching myself on screen." -
  • "She's [Kristen Stewart] basically the reason I did the movie." -
  • "She's [Kristen Stewart] really the best actress of her generation." -
  • "London's in my heart. I need it." -
  • "I was just, like, a loner." -
  • "I'm not athletic. I just thought, I don't want to hit a ball with a stick anyway!" -
  • "My eyes are super sensitive. I was always holding things up because it took forever to get them in." -
  • "I'd like to have a vintage Porsche or the '70s Ferraris are beautiful as well." -
  • "I think I say things and then I'm not really thinking at the time and then when I get asked the question again and then I make it up more and more and more." - VOX
  • "Up until I was twelve, my sisters used to dress me as a girl and introduce me as "Claudia"." - E.Y.
  • "I think he's [Cedric Diggory] a pretty cool character."
  • "The story is just so intimate that people really think they know the characters and can feel the emotions and stuff so people attach themselves to it." - MTV
  • "He's [Edward Cullen] a guy who's just incredibly frustrated and he finds this one thing which is his and he can't keep it safe, and that's almost impossible for him to handle."
  • "Seeing a bus go by with your face on - that's scary." -
  • "I'm sort of introverted. I mean I always think I'm introverted and then I find out from people that I've told them literally everything about my life within about two meetings so I can't be that introverted or I could just be really shallow." - MSN
  • "One of the things I liked about Edward is he's very honest with himself. He's not frivolous with his words." - MSN
  • "Whenever I meet someone I really like, I'm like: Don't like me! I'm a dick!"
  • Fan: "I love you Rob!"
    Rob: "Oh, good."
  • "I' ve never really fallen in love, but I try to be as romantic as possible." - Bliss magazine
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